February 12, 2008

tote bag

I made for my daughter for Valentine's day and I cant wait to give her... I use felt flowers, buttons, stitches and tote bag from Joann's


Maren said...

So cute! She will love it!!

roree said...

What a cute bag! I am sure your dd loved it. Love all of the other beautiful work on your blog too. TFS!

Norma Kennedy said...

Cute ! How special for your daughter to have something hand made by you for her !!!!!
Thanks for visiting my Blog- My son will be picking a winner later today.


Wendy said...

Super cute bag!!! How did she like it?

Yes, I could totally make a make-up bag. Hmmmmmmmmmm! :)


Wendy said...

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Wati Basri said...

nice bag!!

Charlotte Cramer said...

Katey!!! I love your bag!! Great Job!! :)

Tabitha said...

cute bag!