October 29, 2007

Carving a Pumpkin

Peter and Malia doing carving a pumpkin... Malia helped dad a little to get some seeds out of pumpkin.. so cute! Peter decided to design of cat....He doing wonderful job cut and shape this...

Halloween and costume

I am bad with blogger, because I am very busy with my kids and I have no time to put in my blogger....and I will try my best to keep update for my family and friends. :0)

So, anyways here picutre of my son Donovan... it his first Halloween and I put witch hat from my daughter costume.. he is so cutie!

This is her first costume this year, it witch pink! She looked so beautiful.. We dont get her first costume few years ago because we dont want to get her sick from very cold outside.. ( long story about Malia when she was a baby). So, Finally this year get her costume and let her go Treat-n-Trick in my home area...

When we told Malia go to neighbors and get candy and she was like confuse and dont understand why have to go neighbors and get candy then she did and we told her to tell them thank you ( with signs) and she did it....and we keep going to go different neighbors and she started love to get more candy and more... and we just go two different streets, because outside is very cold and light rain...:( but she had good time to got some candy...she really really crazy about choclate!

Now, we cant wait do same with our son and daughter together next year...and also I will make Peter do costume next year too! hehe!

October 19, 2007

My Preggy Calendar 2005

All the story about me, my fiance and my sweet Malia was in my belly....It take me to finish for 2 weeks. WHEW! I am really enjoy doing mini album now! I dont know, if I put to much or not but I like how it look...Malia was breech all the way till I was closer to 9 months and doctor verison my belly to make Malia go down and it did! It hurt like hell but it short to do that.. I glad that I dont have to do C.S.! There have a lot story in there..I hope Malia will enjoy read all the story...and I cant wait to do another preggy calendar for my son...

Thank you for looking!

Walsh Farm's

Finally, We spend time as family! I feel wonderful and enjoy watch Malia run and saw many pumpkins. We ride hayride. It's very nice warm outside. We got a pumpkins, little pumpkin, and corn stalk.

October 07, 2007


I am really enjoy to do all challenge cards.. So fun!

October 05, 2007


I cant wait to watch this movie!!!! Because there have lot ASL signs and I dont need to read capital closed for us! Guess what, it turn hearing people to read the capital closed. Winks! I have heard about Wrong Game movie is very awesome movie! I am so excited there have ASL movie! I hope there will coming theater in OHIO SOON!!!!!!And also, I hope there will come more in future!

ASL Films