November 20, 2007

I wish, I could heard a sound.

Challenge at

What are your favorite sounds?

I can't heard at all, because I'm deaf and my children are deaf too...So, I decide what I wish, I could heard a sounds...

here is mine :)

November 09, 2007

Where are you from?

Challenge at Global Perspectives

I just want to be fun do my page where are you from?

here is my page....

maybe I will do for my fiance ..he come from South korea....I have to look at internet about South korea...

Thank you for looking! :)

November 08, 2007

{From the Journal Jar}

Second Challenge: Do I have nickname? yes, a few nicknames ....

My real name is Katey and many people name me Katie because of sound same as Katey and I hate it... My good friend name me Kay because she want to short name ... I love my mom called me Sunshine Bear, because she spoil me and also I'm her last baby. ( not spoil anymore because I am woman and mommy now!:)

Here is mine for nickname page

I want to thank them so much, because I always hate journal but now, I start like journal now because I want to improve my journal and english....


November 04, 2007

Where I live..........

Challenge at {From the Journal Jar}

I live in Ellet area, we just moved new house 3 months ago. We love our home, because it cozy small house and have nice back yard. I love my kitchen and scrap room in basement. We just can't wait do garden flowers and vegs in our back yard and front next spring.

Here have lot farm and flea markets, we love go to flea market lot, because we always find good stuff. :)

We will stay here for few years then moving to Indiana for my kid's deaf school...

Here my picture of my front house... I love it !